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Hello and welcome to Simple Stories! We are happy to have you with us in this journey of sustainable fashion!

Our story begins in 2019, when our small brand was established in Bucharest, Romania. It all started from our desire to have a versatile and conscious wardrobe that is both functional and beautiful. Crafted from natural fabrics, with care and consciousness.

After months of planning and hours of discussions we found the courage to start this journey of expressing ourselves in a creative way and sharing our beliefs and dreams with you.

Our values

What best describes our philosophy is actually our brad name. We believe in the magic of the simple, everyday moments and we think we all should enjoy the rituals of our daily lives, just as much as we enjoy and celebrate the big moments.

Our preference for comfortable minimalism is reflected in our designs and clean cuts, and all our pieces are created to be classic and functional yet delicately elegant, embodying our ethos of timeless simplicity. We want our clothes to inspire comfort and ease. Freedom. To move, to explore and just be.

On slow fashion

At Simple stories we believe in quality over quantity and we want to release only those items that we would like to have in our wardrobe forever. We create our products to be durable and with a timeless design to help you enjoy them for seasons to come. These are the reasons why we only produce two or three collections a year, and sometimes exclusive pieces crafted from limited series fabrics.

Fashion is by nature a big consumer of resources, so we try our best to reduce waste as much as possible while being as gentle as possible with our environment. We use only natural materials, from the fabrics to the buttons that we use for our clothes, while sometimes also choosing to create from the fabrics that we find available with the desire to reduce mass production

We have partnered with environmentally friendly packaging suppliers to make our packaging completely plastic free. Compost courier bags, tags made of recycled paper and linen care bags made from leftover fabrics. These are just some of the initiatives that we’ve taken so far, but we continue to learn and do better in this journey of sustainability.

We put a lot of energy and love into each product and we hope our items will become part of some of your greatest stories!


Miky and Alex

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